10 Tips for Finding Mr. Right (and Mr. Rich!)

10. August 2010

So, you want to meet, then marry, a millionaire. Maybe even a billionaire. With a little assistance, you can do it too! In fact, meeting rich people online is easier than you might think.

One of the hottest trends in online dating is the proliferation of websites catering exclusively to wealthy singles looking for mates. Exclusive dating sites have gained wide appeal not only among the anonymous wealthy, but the rich and famous as well— Celebrities who have reportedly used or visited online dating sites include Joan Rivers, Stephanie Pratt, Halle Berry, Chace Crawford, Matthew Perry, Rivers Cuomo, and Charlie Sheen.

1. Know What You Are Looking For

Whether you’re a man or woman seeking marital riches, you should ask a few important questions of yourself before diving into the sometimes-chaotic ocean of online dating. For instance, what exactly are you looking for in a partner, besides money? Do you prefer an adventurous eccentric, or a doting lover? An international jet setter or the stay-at-home (stay-at-mansion) type?

How important is age, physical appearance, and personality? What about intellect, sense of humor, hobbies, and geographical location? Once you’ve settled these preliminaries, it’s time to begin your online search for love and riches—or vice-versa.

2. Know The Sites

The highest rated dating websites visited by successful singles are:

• MillionaireMatch.com
• MillionaireMate.com
• EliteMeeting.com
• EstablishedMen.com
• WealthyMen.com
• MillionairesClub123.com

The ultra exclusive sites are:

• DiamondLounge.com
• BeautifulPeople.com

Most upper-crust dating sites have strict standards for membership, screen their members carefully to ensure truthfulness, and require that they complete extensive personal profiles to maximize compatibility.
When you have found an online dating website that looks promising, spend some time getting familiar with what the site has to offer.

3. Polish Your Act

Since first impressions are often lasting, especially online, you will want to make the most of how you present yourself to others. For those who need to brush up on dating etiquette, or want advice on how best to snag that perfect prosperous partner, numerous resources offer suggestions for cultured courting, or dating in general.

Some helpful websites are:

• OnlineDatingMagazine.com
• WeLoveDates.com/blog
• Lovein90Days.com/blog
• DatingAdviceFromaGirl.com

Popular book titles include, “How to Meet the Rich,” by Ginie Sayles, “Smart Girls Marry Money,” by Elizabeth Ford and Daniela Drake, and “How to Marry Money,” by Kevin Doyle. One piece of sage advice often seen is to immerse yourself in the culture of the well-to-do: the easiest way to snare a rich mate is to think like one.

4. Develop Your Online Profile

Your personal profile is vital to developing relationships, as it will have a direct bearing on the number of responses you receive.

Choose a unique user name and tag line descriptive of your personality or preferences. Your “About Me” statement should be carefully crafted to not only emphasize your positive attributes, but also pique the interest of guys or gals who already have it all, money-wise. Read profiles of other people to get ideas about what you should—or should not—include in yours.

5. Include Your “Now” Photo

Include a high quality, creative, current photo of yourself, not one taken ten years ago when you were “in your prime.” One of the surest ways to snuff a fledgling flame is for Mr. or Ms. Right to find that in person you are not “as advertised.”

6. Don’t Be Afraid To Rub Shoulders

Be sure to take advantage of all the site’s features for meeting and interacting with other members, such as video, forums, online chat, and meeting events.

7. Be Confident

Project self-confidence in what you write and say, but avoid being pushy, too forward, or brash. Also, never communicate self-doubt, or, worse, desperation, which is far more likely to repel than attract a suitor.

8. Be Careful, Stay Aware

Anyone who is computer savvy knows the Internet can be a dangerous playground, especially when it comes to romance.

Be careful how quickly, and to whom, you dole out personal information, especially your real name, home address, phone number, and email. When you first speak to a potential date on the phone, use a pre-paid cell phone, or a caller ID blocker.

9. Trust, But Verify

Make sure interested parties are who—and what—they claim to be. Suspicious or unpredictable behavior might indicate he or she is hiding something they don’t want you to know. Maybe they’re married, or intimately involved with another online member. Don’t always assume the worst, but don’t always assume the best, either.

10. Meet In Public

Are you considering the first in-person meeting with the man or woman of your dreams? It should be in a public place. Politely refuse any offers to give you a lift, and drive yourself to the meeting place. Tell others where you will be.

Being single does have its advantages, but also presents its own special tortures, not least of which is the yearning to be “otherwise engaged.” Therefore, if along with marriage your dream is to drive expensive cars and flash an American Express “black card” at every opportunity, then dating wealthy singles online could be your ticket to the exclusive domain of the rich and famous.

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