Food or Sex?

19. August 2010

A recent study, I stumbled upon in USA Today, shows that women would rather stay skinny, then having sex!

In a new poll of 1,001 adults, more than half of women (52%) say they would rather go without sex for the summer than gain 10 pounds. A fourth of men feel the same way.

I don´t really get, why they didn´t ask instead, wether you´d maybe go without sex, or loose 10 pounds? I think that would make a lot more sense, considering that most americans are overweight (according to the latest Gallup-Healthways Well-Being Index 63% of all adults in the US were either overweight or obese in 2009). So if you don´t exercise, or try to eat healthy, would you at least give up all sexual activities for a while? I think that would be a much better question, although sex can be a pretty hefty workout as well :-)

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