6 oddly specific Dating Sites

10. September 2010

The world of online dating is growing and growing. Long gone are the embarrassing days of having to hide the fact that you met your girlfriend in an online chat room. These days online dating is big business and the success stories are endless.
It seems like sites such as eHarmony.com and Match.com are no longer enough. Even with their compatibility tests, it seems people want more information about their suitor than ever before. So if the routine compatibility tests aren’t enough, then here are nine oddly specific dating sites for the more picky individual.

1. Doglover.biz

Are you a dog lover at heart? If so, then this dating site for dog lovers might be just what you are looking for.

Of course if you use this site this means most movie theaters, stadiums, restaurants, and museums are off limits for the first date. On the bright side, you can take your date on a nice long drive to the beach or park, with the windows cracked of course.

2. Vampersonals.com

Have you ever wondered for hours what it would be like to be dead? If so then your soul mate might be someone who also has an interest in the great beyond. Vampersonals.com is the best market place for people who love living, but also love the living dead.

The site also features daily gothic news for all the latest in dark makeup and capes this site can show you the way to finding someone who cares as much about dark makeup and old Type O Negative albums as they do about making you feel special.

3. Trekpassions.com

The slogan of this site is “Love Long and Prosper.” Do you need to hear more? If you have a passion for love and a passion for the Starship Enterprise then Trekpassions.com is the destination you must visit.

Boldly go where no person has ever wanted to go. Find out exactly what it means to speak Klingon to someone without them making fun of you. With any luck, they’ll answer back and prove that they could be that someone special.

4. Womenbehindbars.com

Guys, have you ever dreamed of meeting that one woman who can hold a gun to your back and steal your heart? Does your idea of the perfect kiss happen with a beautiful girl? If your picture perfect girl is sitting behind 8 inches of bulletproof glass, then womenbehindbars.com is the only dating site for you.

Here you can email…wait, they aren’t allowed internet access. You can call….nope can’t do that either. Visit….no. You can send them a written letter and see if you two have more than your passion for crime in common. In addition, if you don’t hit it off, you can stay good friends. Who knows? One day your place can act as a safe house.

5. Crazyblinddate.com

You probably spend countless hours cursing the God’s because you don’t have any great blind date stories where the person showed up and looked like a train wreck. You have no tales to tell of searching for the darkest bar that you could find to hide from their face until you politely fake an emergency phone call.

The creators of crazyblinddate.com feel your pain and want to help. Here you can set up blind dates without actually knowing if you are attracted to them. What better way to start a relationship than testing the time honored statement “it’s what’s on the inside that really counts.”

6. Gorgeousgamers.com

Just because you spend countless hours in your room wishing Call of Duty were real and just because you haven’t touched the opposite sex in the better part of a decade doesn’t mean it isn’t time to get yourself out there and meet some people…..online. At gorgeousgamers.com they say “Where If you’re a gamer…you’re gorgeous.”

Forget the millions of naysayers who scoff at the very statement and find your perfect gaming mate. You can spend countless hours getting to know each other…online. The two of you can set up your first game date…online. And who knows, one day you might actually meet. Isn’t it romantic?

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