Best Movies about Online/Long Distance Dating

26. September 2010

Long distance dating can be exceptionally challenging. Between traveling, coordinating schedules and spending most of the week alone, the trials and tribulations of long distance relationships can be quite taxing. However by taking a cue from Hollywood, couples in long distance or online relationships can better learn how to manage their difficulties (or at least have something to laugh at together).

1. The Lake House

Who better to teach us about long distance relationships than the couple from the third most romantic movie of all time, Speed (behind The Matrix and Bill and Ted’s Excellent Adventure).

This movie defines long distance dating, as this couple has a love that spans “across time.” Living two years apart connected only by a magic mailbox, this couple writes love letters to each other in the hopes that one day, the magic mailmen will be replaced by real mailmen who hate their lives and deliver mail 24 months late.

2. Must Love Dogs

The perfect movie for anyone who loves outlandish dating requests, Must Love Dogs is the best John Cusack movie since Say Anything (not counting any of the movies he did from 1990-2005).

This online dating movie proves that you don’t need to be young to work the Internet correctly. After a divorced woman tries a dating website for the first time, she meets a man that may be her true love. Will they get together, or he be the one that got away?

3. You’ve Got Mail

Also known by its Canadian title, Sleepless in Seattle 2, this movie reunites Tom Hanks with most of Meg Ryan’s original face for a romantic online dating romp.

Tom Hanks and Meg Ryan play business rivals by day, anonymous internet lovers by night who are not aware of each other’s true identities (in a plot eerily similar to Batman Returns). Will they still love each other after they realize they are mortal enemies?

4. The Holiday

This movie revolves around the love that can be found when people put themselves (and their houses) on the dating scene.

Involved in an internet-assisted house swap, Cameron Diaz and Kate Winslet switch residencies for a brief time. In that time, Diaz falls for Jude Law, while Winslet falls for Jack Black (because LITERALLY every other male star in Hollywood was either busy or dead that month). A 90-minute romance that runs 138 minutes long, this movie leaves you wanting more (of your life back).

5. Ghost

Patrick Swayze and Demi Moore prove that true love can overcome any distance…even death (as long as Whoopi Goldberg is there to assist).

Serving as the medium for all things sexy between Demi and her dead husband, Whoopi Goldberg shows the world that as long as you find a good medium, death doesn’t have to be the end of the relationship. (For those looking for a movie with a similar theme, try Weekend at Bernie’s.)

6. The Notebook

Perhaps the greatest romantic film of the 2000’s, the Notebook teaches us how to love, how to cry, and how to take copious life notes in the event of a movie-adaptation.

This movie quadruples as a long distance relationship/romance/World War 2/under-publicized James Garner movie, and introduced the world to their Hollywood crushes for that year in Rachel MacAdams and Ryan Gosling. Not only did the world want to hook up with them, but they wanted to hook up with each other too, as this movie launched a relationship between them lasting for several years.

7. Sleepless in Seattle

THE quintessential romantic movie, this movie is stands the test of time, despite being almost 20 years old.

A story about two people finding each other thanks to a radio show, a newspaper article, and Tom Hanks being awesome, Sleepless in Seattle teaches us the importance of publicly airing out your problems so that strangers will fall in love with you.

CONCLUSION: Although navigating the world of long distance and online dating can be hard, these movies remind us that there is always a situation more absurd than our own. By watching these movies with a loved one, you can learn to truly appreciate yourselves, each other, and Hollywood’s completely inaccurate depictions of “love in real life”.

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