6 Dating Sites for Pet Lovers

1. October 2010

Finding the right person can be hard. Sure there are plenty of fish in the sea, but how many of them love fish in tanks? After a break up it may be best to get right back on the horse, but where do you find someone who wants to have the entire date on horseback? Laughter may be the best medicine, but what if you really love cats? (That last one didn’t work so well.) The following dating sites are made specifically for pet lovers to find each other in the hopes of also finding true love.

1. Datemypet.com

Offering perhaps the broadest scope of all the dating web sites, datemypet.com offers a safe refuge for animal lovers of all tastes, both domestic and exotic. Whether you’re the proud owner of a dog, cat or boa constrictor, datemypet.com is for you.

“Date me. Date my pet. Call my pet back. Tell my pet your fears. Hold my pet.”

The bizarre thing about datemypet.com is their ambiguous tag line. While it may seem like the most normal and non-committal of all the sites on the list, it is also the only site to suggest people dating other people’s pets. With the relatively straightforward “Date me. Date my pet” subheading, datemypet.com broaches a pretty gray area without ever explaining what they mean in detail. Most likely, it is a way for breeders to set up play dates with other animals. Today, however, it is not unlikely for it to mean something far more terrifying.

2. Petpeoplemeet.com

Petpeoplemeet.com is “free to browse,” which is code for “expensive to use.” Although it may be one of the few pay sites in this particular market, its quality makes it worth it.

Is it me, or does the man have the woman and puppy at gunpoint?

Each profile is prescreened and approved, which means that only legitimate pet lovers are allowed to search for love. In a world of Internet scams, murders and thefts, it is refreshing to know that one site is running quality control. While there is still no guarantee that you won’t be scammed, murdered, or have your identity stolen, you can rest easy knowing it’ll be done by a pet lover.

3. Leashesandlovers.com

Dog people are a very unique type of people. Just like dogs, they are loyal and obedient while at the same time remaining very free-spirited and strong-willed. However also just like dogs, they can be social spazoids and have a difficult time working computers.

Orthus, the 2-headed, serpent-tailed dog that mated with Khimaira, siring The Sphinx.

Leashesandlovers.com wins the “has to be a freaky porn site but isn’t” award for excellence in marketing. While many creepy dudes are saddened to see this is a matchmaking web site for dog lovers, many dog lovers are relieved to see that this isn’t a dominatrix web site for guys with mommy issues. Aimed at connecting individuals with a mutual love of man’s best friend, leashesandlovers.com is the perfect site for those who love their dog, but would like to love a person more.

4. Catloversdating.com

Cat people are a very unique type of people as well. Cats are finicky and independent, and like to be loved on their own terms at all times. While that can be translated as “bitchy,” the people who love cats don’t view it that way, and therefore have an unusually high tolerance for such behavior.

Cats are just pretending to be vulnerable.

Catloversdating.com has been established to connect the single feline lovers of the world. Because caring for a cat requires a much lower maintenance than caring for a dog, cat lovers usually enjoy many of the same things (traveling, long nights out, being ignored, etc). Although nobody would willingly look for the qualities of a cat in a human, the qualities of cat lovers are often perfect matches for each other.

5. Hamsterer.com

A dating site for hamster lovers is long overdue. While the majority of hamster lovers are under the age of 12, those who aren’t have a hard time meeting their own. Hamsterer.com aims to change that.

Adorable rodent.

Who doesn’t like long walks in the wheel, drinking from an upside-down syringe or sleeping in a pile of shredded newspaper? Apparently, most people. However there are a select few who are passionate about hamsters, and want someone who feels the same way. Hamsterer.com hopes to bring these individuals together through a simple-to-use, difficult-to-say interface for blogging, chatting and connecting with fellow lovers of everyone’s favorite 3rd grade pet. While the average life of a hamster is shorter than most pets, hamsterer.com hopes that a relationships formed on the web site will last longer.

6. Equestriancupid.com

Disgustingly, searching for “horse lover” on the internet will yield some bizarre and nauseating results. However, not everyone performing this search is hoping to find pictures of activities only legal in Mexico. Many are hoping to find true love.

Sea Horse.

Equestriancupid.com caters to the vast minority of people who enjoy horse riding, jumping, or whispering. While it seems like there may not be a huge market for such a web site, the market that does exist is dedicated and loyal. A good horse is hard to find, and finding a good person attached to said horse can be even harder. Equestriancupid.com makes that search a little bit easier.


While there are dating sites for every and any interest one could imagine, the amount of followers of such sites never ceases to amaze. Whether you are a lover of dogs, cats, snakes, or tropical birds, chances are good there is someone else out there who is just like you, and chances are better that there is a web site that will help you find them.

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