Things you don´t know about Senior Online Dating

15. March 2011

Many senior citizens are far more active than previous generations, and are taking to the Internet to find a partner in crime. While granny’s date nights might be the best kept secret in your family, there are probably a few other things people don’t know about senior online dating. Here are the X things you should know, before becoming the senior consumer.

1. Even AARP Knows Why Seniors Are Dating

According to AARP, half of all seniors are entering the dating world in droves just to have someone to communicate with regularly. While singles in their 50s mostly commonly complained of baggage (for both men and women), singles over 60 reported that their main complaint is having to change habits to accommodate a new person.

AARP claims that two thirds of respondents are dating online (between the ages of 50-64). On average, singles are spending $550 million per year on dating services. With the baby boomers entering the senior dating scene, marketers have worked hard to make them feel welcome.

2. Older People Are Far More Computer Literate Than You Think

Corresponding in Morse code.

The images most people have of senior citizens are of VCR-using, snail-mail sending, computer illiterate types, who prefer a game of pinochle to harvesting crops on Facebook. What people fail to realize is that senior citizens today were in their 40’s when the PC gained popularity. In fact, both Bill Gates and Steve Jobs are just nine years from qualifying for Social Security.

With each passing year, more and more members of the computer age enter retirement, making the elderly an increasingly technological bunch. Thanks to touch-screen technology and smaller hardware, new computers are surprisingly simple to use, even for those who never owned one while they were of working age.

3. Half of the Over-50 Crowd is Single

With half of all people over fifty single, it makes sense that dating sites for those in their latter years are cropping up across the globe. Especially popular in Canada, where 42% of the entire population is dating online, senior dating there has become an acceptable and normal fact.

Whereas those who used to watch Love Boat would get on a love boat and cruise the Atlantic looking for other senior cuties, the ease of Internet correspondence has saved them time and cash, if it’s cost them frequent traveler miles. Unconfirmed reports have claimed that seniors are becoming healthier overall as a direct result of looking for love in later in life. Staying fit is a big part of dating for younger people, so this is likely true.

4. Boredom Leads People to Do Unexpected Things

As with younger people, seniors are clicking anything online to stay entertained. Eventually, everyone ends up confronting a dating service site, and wondering, “What if…” With marketers targeting seniors, and trying to make them feel at home in the dating scene, it seems only logical that seniors would accept the implicit invitation.

A quick search on Google for “Senior Life” reveals what most seniors are confronted with daily: information about their declining health, life expectancy rates, and Viagra. With so much grim information presented to them frequently, it makes sense that they’d search elsewhere for something new to think about. Online dating provides the perfect distraction.

5. Far More Single Female Seniors Are Online Than Males

…giving men the upper-hand.

Yes, far more female seniors are dating online than their counterparts, but do you know why? According to Senior Journal, it’s because males do not live as long as females. This leaves senior women with increased competition in the senior dating world. According to a Harvard Medical School study, men’s early-life competition for female attention shortens their lives by three months, leaving even fewer men for senior ladies to date.

Unlike the Western World, China and India have reported nearly 20% more males than females in the senior years. Why? It’s believed that females’ longevity is adversely affected by selective abortion, internal migration, and other, gender-specific maladies. While this may lead to better odds for ladies in China or India, it also hints at other factors which may make dating seem superfluous.

6. Seniors Aren’t Just Dating: They’re SPEED Dating

Need we say more? We didn’t think so.


Senior citizens are human beings with social needs. Since retirement often makes it difficult for them to meet new people, it is not a surprise that they utilize the Internet for finding dates. The next time you visit your grandma and ask her, “What’s shakin’?” you may be introduced to her ‘new friend.’

Being supportive of senior dating is an important step for cultures across the world. By allowing them to find entertainment in their golden years, people will become more accepting of their own aging process and needs.

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