6 Scifi Characters We want to Date

22. March 2011

Though we aren’t all lucky enough to have been born a long time ago in a galaxy far, far away, there is something about science fiction characters that appeals to the inner dork. Whether we are attracted to their exotic natures, or the fact that they have some crazy-cool powers, sci-fi characters are a sexy brood. The following are the six we’d like to date the most:

1. Princess Leia

Princess Leia turned millions of pre-pubescent boys into pre-pubescent men the minute she first appeared on screen in the third (or sixth) of the Star Wars film.

Showing a surprising amount of curves and tone, Carrie Fisher cemented herself as one of the sexiest women in cinematic history with her barely-there, metal bikini. While we may not all want the difficult task of light-sabering our way out of there, there are few who would turn down ten minutes with slave Leia.

2. Mystique

Despite her ability to take the shape of any person she comes in contact with, we love Mystique just the way she is. Starting with a base layer of Rebecca Romijn-Stamos, and finishing with a top layer of bad-ass mutant, Mystique is the definition of sexy.

Don’t like redheads? She can easily become a brunette. Don’t like women? She can easily become a chimp. No matter what the task, Mystique is the ultimate fantasy date.

3. Buffy the Vampire Slayer

Buffy the Vampire Slayer is hot, no matter which screen she’s on. For fans of the movie, Kristy Swanson presents an early-90’s cheerleading hottie, who would be ideal for any fan of leg-warmers and pig tails.

For the younger audience, Sarah Michelle Gellar presented a much more brooding, gothic representation of the slayer who all boys wanted to date. No matter which slayer you prefer, there’s something for everyone in Buffy.

4. Han Solo

Part cowboy, part astronaut, all man; Han Solo has made ladies swoon for almost 35 years. Few men can compete with the confidence, rugged good lucks, or awesome ride sported by Solo.

Sure, he may have a little bit of a gambling problem, but that little bit of danger only makes him all the more handsome. Few characters can hold a torch to Han Solo (though Indiana Jones comes close).

5. Jacob Black

Having only been on the scene for a few short years, Twilight’s Jacob Black has already made hall-of-fame heartthrob status.

There are few werewolves more attractive than Jacob (though Teen Wolf comes close). Between his stalker-ish levels of commitment and waffle-iron-abs, Jacob represents the perfect package… that is, if you’re not already committed to Team Edward.

6. Wolverine

The werewolf for ladies over 20, Huge Jacked-man has found his niche as this super-mutant dreamboat. Every part of Wolverine, from his Adamantium claws to his perennial five o’clock shadow is simply oozing with sexy.

While men everywhere want to be like him, women everywhere want to be with him, making Wolverine one of the sexiest sci-fi characters of all time.


While some fantasies are impractical, others are downright impossible. Nevertheless, if the ability to bend time and space existed, these six individuals would be at the top of everyone’s must-do list.

In the meantime, all we can do is imagine, and wait for the sequels to come out. Which sci-fi character do you drool over?


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