Profile Perfect: How to Tweak Your Dating Persona

7. July 2011

The temptation to stack your deck higher than it is on an online dating site is irresistible. Claiming you’re Mr. or Mrs. Universe, with a PhD and a jet pack on your back, would be so easy! After all, you may think the chances are much higher someone attractive would respond to such a profile.

Come on, now! If you’re on a dating site, you’re obviously serious about it. If you’re serious about dating, writing yourself up to be someone you’re not isn’t the way to find your soul mate.

The following tips, each classified to a specific gender and/or sexual orientation, will almost certainly land you a few good prospects, without disappointing them with your lack of flying capabilities, your “Mr.” without the “Universe” title, and your lack of a PhD.

For the Hetero Male: Take It Slow

“Take it slow” is in reference to your profile. There’s no need to rush through every section, dying to see the unlimited selection of hopeful significant others. It’s not like their pictures will vanish on you! It’s not a race!

If you don’t take your time on a profile, you can be sure when you message someone, or “wink,” the examination of your profile will result in an inevitable dismissal of you as a prospect!

In simpler words, one look at your pathetic two sentences in the “About Me” section, and the women will drop you like a bad habit. So be sure to take your time so dating prospects will believe you’re serious about the dating game.

For the Hetero Female: Talk About You, Not What You Like

Basically, skip the triteness, please. Avoid the unoriginal “I love walks on the beach,” or “I enjoy candlelit dinners,” or “I love dogs” stuff.

The point is, nowadays, prospects can spot a poser. Instead of talking about what you like, talk about why you like what you like! Be creative. Ultimately, that’s what men like!

For the Gay Male: Don’t Claim to Be Mr. Universe

As you saw in the introduction, claiming to be someone or something you’re not is a bad idea. In other words, simply be honest! Unless you really are Vin Diesel, don’t even compare yourself to any celebrity known to mankind.

You’re setting others up to have high expectations, and you’re setting yourself up for failure. In all honesty, who would want to go out with Vin Diesel, anyway? He’s always driving a car and chased by cops for at least two hours at a time! Be yourself. It’s simpler.

For the Gay Female: Don’t Be Afraid to Be Feminine

You may find yourself feeling different from the majority of the female population because of your sexual orientation, but never let that stop you from feeling feminine and confident. Other gay females will appreciate a well-put-together woman.

Though feminine gay women have to deal with being hit on frequently by men, it’s important to be true to your own style, in spite of onlookers.

Upload a Photo (Obviously)

That last section segues right into this: the all-important dating photo. That definitely doesn’t take a PhD to figure out. Be a realist here. Don’t try convincing yourself that a picture is unnecessary because “people should like me for who I am,” and “it’s what’s inside that counts.” Okay, yes, ultimately that’s what matters, but it isn’t all that matters.

The point is this: yes, who the person really is, is important; but understand that in order for you to get to know that person, you have to know what the person looks like! Otherwise, you’ll spend the whole first date wandering around the restaurant just looking for your date.

The same goes for you. The goal is to find someone who will love you on the inside and out, and one of the first steps to making that possible is by posting a picture of yourself.

Because Your PhD Matters

This isn’t about the employment industry: this is about dating. So, consider these tips: you’re an everyday human being. You should be adored because of who you are, not what you end up saying on your profile. Hopefully you can look at your future spouse you met online with longing eyes, and love them for who they are, knowing that’s why they love you: because you’re you.



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