10 Best Date Movies to Watch With Your Boo

13. July 2011

When you opt for a movie date, the evening has the possibility of going only one way: a passionate make-out session during Renee’s you-had-me-at-hello speech.

Hey, you love your mom, but curling up with your sexy significant other and doing a little canoodling was more of what you had in mind. The DVD options are extensive, so go in with someone in your corner: this list of 10 best date-worthy movies will help get the evening off on the right foot.

Jerry Maguire

By now, Jerry Maguire has reached the top echelons of date movie worthiness. The quotability rank is high, Tom Cruise was still hot and sane, the story works in terms of manliness (sports) and girlishness (Renee Zellweger/nobody), and the sexy romance factor is so completely undeniable—you’ll both be turned to mush no matter how many times you’ve seen it. Now let’s all say it together: “Show me the money!”

Some Like It Hot

A sizzling date movie that is both black & white, and made in the fifties? Oh yes. Directed by the hilarious Billy Wilder, Some Like It Hot follows Jack Lemmon and Tony Curtis; two studs who dress up as women and join an all-girls band to hide from the mob.

Marilyn Monroe smolders in barely-there attire as the duos’ crush, and the whole funny affair is timelessly sexy. See if you can get your glasses-wearing babe to steam up a la Tony Curtis.

Halloween (1978)

The whole scary movie/date thing may seem like a cliché, but it still works. First, because getting scared with your date is fun, and secondly, human fright shields may be obvious, but they’re both flirtatious and useful.

Halloween is the teacher in fright film school, the daddy of scream-worthy scares, the classic horror flick that still manages to keep people up at night with so much adrenaline they won’t know what to do with it; a good situation for a date, no? Be warned though—too much gore can be a mood-killer for some.

Notting Hill

Julia Roberts as a high-profile big-screen stunner, and Hugh Grant as an English nobody book store owner. This sweet but not saccharine romance with plenty of laugh-out-loud moments tempers the charmingly mushy ones with its humor.

Will they get together? Could it work? Grant’s faithful pals urge him on, even as his flat mate inadvertently sabotages Grant several times.

A Walk in the Clouds

While sans-sex scenes, the plethora of wet, tanned bodies and sexual tension make this movie sizzle. The tale of a GI fresh from the horrors of war who meets a gorgeous damsel in distress (also the daughter of a Californian wine-maker), makes viewers interested in the knee-weakening romance. It’s also the perfect entrée into a passionate smooch-session.

To Have and Have Not

Bogie was the original cool dude, and Bacall his come-hither confident counterpart. To Have and Have Not introduced the famous duo, who would later become Mr. and Mrs.

While it’s definitely old (circa 1944), it’s still a classic spy story, with more than enough lusty romance and lessons on sexiness to go around. The iconic and utterly suggestive quote, “You know how to whistle, dontcha Steve? You just put your lips together and blow” will get the evening off to a playfully sexy start.


It may be long, and it may be about Death, but Meet Joe Black is one achingly romantic flick. If the eye candy weren’t enough; with Brad Pitt as a dashingly dressed Death, and sexy Claire Forlani as the lovely lady, the themes of love, passion, and devotion make it an ultimate sexy date night choice. Anthony Hopkins turns in a stellar performance as usual, and there’s enough humor to keep things light.

What’s Up, Doc?

A screwball comedy in all its zany glory, What’s Up, Doc? is the hilarious tale of a very proper guy, and the very outgoing/crazy girl who decides he’s the one for her. There’s nothing she won’t do to get him, even if that includes posing as his fiancé (nevermind that he already has one), or messing with the fates of everyone she comes in contact with during her tirade.

Barbara Streisand sizzles with her take-note confidence, and Ryan O’Neal proves you can be both sexy and nerdy. The romance factor is high, and the level of comedy even higher.

Love Actually

An import from the Brits, Love Actually tells intertwining tales of individuals (including the Prime Minister and a porn stand-in) and their romantic pre-Christmas love nightmares and joys.

It’s best described much like a real relationship would be: bloody hilarious, exceedingly sexy, charmingly romantic, and a little messy; it’s perfect for cold wintry nights with your delectable significant other.


Teeming with visual splendor, raw emotion, and lots of tanned, ripped bodies, 300 is a gory dude-flick the ladies will like, too. Good against bad, betrayal, and visceral sexuality are tamed by the love and devotion of King Leonidas, and his faithful wife Queen Gorgo who holds her own against ab-tastic men. It’s exciting, gorgeous, and gruesome.


Your movie date night should only create memories of under-blanket cuddles, flirtatious whispers, and end credit more-than-kissing. These movies can help you get there.



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