Flirting Facts for Future Aficionados

26. July 2011

Flirting is practicing love on someone we like, so when we have someone we love we’ll entice them and show them how special they are to us. Both men and women flirt, both with their special someone, and even with casual acquaintances of the opposite sex. Let’s take a look at some other interesting facts about flirting, and important facts to know!

Women Are Shy, but Receptive

Women have been found by studies to be too afraid to approach a man they find attractive in nine out of ten cases. However, those very same women have been found to be extremely receptive to the advances of a man who finds them attractive. As sexist as it might seem in this day and age, women still tend to operate on the “man makes the first move” mindset.
This is thought to go back to our hunter gatherer pasts. In those days, a man’s courage to approach a woman was indicative of his status within the group. If he was too shy to approach a woman that interested him, he would undoubtedly be too shy to take the lead in group decisions. Powerful men have always been seen as sexy.
So guys, when you’re interested in her, go talk to her. Even when she’s with friends, she’ll probably at least be open to having a brief conversation with you. If your approach isn’t that great, it may not last very long, but at least you’ll know for sure that you gave it your best effort.

Flirting Behaviors Are the Same Around the World

Women tend to flirt the same way, no matter where they come from, what language they speak or what their social class might be. Smiling, arching their eyebrows, giggling, and looking down and away from the object of their affections are classic, unmistakable signs that she’s into you.
Of course, there are several other ways to tell when you strike a woman’s fancy. She will tilt her shoulders to face you, cross her legs in a way that points to or sweeps toward you, and hold far better eye contact than if she were just being friendly with you.

Men Often Mistake Friendliness for Flirtatiousness

A lot of times in life, there is a relatively thin line between “having a little fun with someone” and “showing them I’m interested.” Women are generally very good at identifying the subtle differences in body language between showing genuine interest and just being friendly. Men, however, tend to be fairly clueless about the whole thing.
There was actually a study done where men were asked to identify by facial expression whether a woman was signifying sexual intent, or whether she was just being friendly. While women did well on the equivalent test of men’s facial expressions, men tended to do terribly across the board with interpreting women.
In a lot of cases, a man couldn’t correctly tell, even when the woman depicted in the photograph was showing him signals that he should make his move immediately. Needless to say, this is a fact that waitresses and women in sales positions exploit to no end.
Scientists have speculated that women are far better at understanding the difference between flirtatiousness and friendliness because the twin hemispheres of their brains are more effectively connected to each other than are the hemispheres in men’s brains.
So when you suspect that a woman is flirting with you, consider it possible that she might be interested. At least leave an opening for it in your mind, and make your best move.

Eye Contact is a Slippery Slope

Maintaining eye contact says a lot of things. It builds tension because it’s a challenge, and the tension that forms between a man and a woman is generally sexual in nature. But it goes beyond just flirting, too. Eye contact can also mean things that will scare a woman too much to allow her to be attracted to you.
When two people’s eyes meet, there is one basic reason behind it–they’re trying to figure each other out. In some cases, it’s because they’re negotiating and they want to see if the other person is lying. Two fighters will keep solid eye contact in the hopes of seeing some signal of their opponent’s next move. When it comes to flirting, the same basic intention is there.
When your pupils get larger, it means you’re attracted to whom you’re looking at. When the person you’re talking to suddenly has especially large pupils, unless the room has suddenly dimmed, there’s a good chance they find you attractive. You can use this as a telltale sign that she likes something about you, and as long as you keep up the wit and charm, you might progress with her.
However, eye contact is a slippery slope. There is something of an implied threat when your eyes are locked onto another person, as if you’re trying to stare them down. On the street, they call that “mad dogging,” especially if you’re doing so with an angry look on your face. Generally, keep it to short bursts of eye contact after the first time your eyes meet–that’s when you assert your dominance.

Phones are the Flirting Tool of Choice Nowadays

A very large percentage of people surveyed claimed that at some point, they had sent flirtatious text messages to someone, and most had gotten them in return. Phones are even being used during people’s morning commutes while driving. No studies have identified how many auto accidents this contributes to, but the fact is that cell phones are a big deal when it comes to flirting.
Nearly two thirds of the adult population has flirted with someone in their car on their cell phone. Roughly one third of them have gotten a date as a result of this modern kind of flirting. The phone is one of the most popular tools by which people flirt these days, whether doing so is safe or not.
Some people just wave their phones at the window to get the number of a nearby driver, or hopefully passenger. Other people will improvise signs rapidly out of whatever is available to get the digits. The methods tend to be as creative as they are death defying. It isn’t like in the Victorian era, when a fan was the epitome of flirting props.


No matter where you go, there are some rules to flirting. One of those rules is that it’s possible to keep too much longing in your gaze. Another rule is that cell phones have taken on a major role in flirting in the modern parts of the world.
However, at its heart, flirting is a language that a man can take with him anywhere in the world. If he can actually understand what women are saying to him, he can make the first move and be successful with women anywhere he travels.

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