54 Facts About Dating, Sex, & Romance

24. August 2011

Sex, dating and romance are funny things. For most of us, they carry a lot of mystery, as we struggle with why the opposite sex does what they do, and how great the differences are between men and women.

While we’ll probably never know anywhere near everything about these sweet mysteries of life, the following are some interesting, and in some cases jaw dropping, tidbits that you might have never even thought about before.


1. Speed dating was invented by a Rabbi in 1999.

2. A woman on a personals site who posts a picture receives double the messages of a picture-less woman.

3. 10% or more of free dating site accounts are made by scam artists.

4. Studies have actually shown that women tend to be attracted to men who wear blue.

5. Overwhelmingly, single parents prefer dating other single parents.

6. There is an almost perfect split between the online daters who get into a relationship, those who don’t and those who simply quit trying.

7. In the USA, September’s third week is known as National Singles Week.

8. Online dating websites in the USA take in $1.8 billion each year.

9. You’ve got double the chances of finding a date through being set up by friends and family as through meeting at a bar.

10. Most people can tell if they’re attracted to you within three seconds of meeting you.

11. Men tend to fear meeting a woman who’s too fat.

12. Roughly 40% of men feel insecure when they meet a woman from online.

13. Fresh breath matters to a lot of people on a first date.

14. If you’re considering cooking a meal for your date, wait until at least the third date.

15. People are most open to meeting someone in schools, malls and coffee houses.

16. More than 80% of a man’s first impression is whether her posture is strong and confident.

17. The best way to keep your date interested is to be happy.

18. The best way to repel your date is to be negative.

19. Men find it difficult to approach loud groups of women.

20. A great way to show someone you’re interested in them is to mirror what they do.


21. Having sex gets people to lose weight.

22. People who want to cover up something wear pubic wigs, called merkins.

23. Sex causes your body to release endorphins, which lessen headache pain.

24. Pubic hair is genetically limited to a shorter length than the hair on your head.

25. Bonobo chimps, Cohan gorillas and dolphins have sex for pleasure, and not just for reproduction.

26. Female penguins will initiate mating rituals with single males in exchange for a stone to build their nests.

27. The least popular flavor of edible underwear is chocolate.

28. The most popular edible underwear flavor is cherry, though that still looks rather disgusting.

29. In Fairbanks, Alaska, moose are prohibited by law from having sex on public sidewalks. Officials withheld comment about whether that law also applies to humans.

30. When a woman has sex, she produces more estrogen, which makes her hair shinier and skin smoother.

31. A woman with a PhD. is twice as interested in having one-off sex as a woman with only a bachelor’s degree.

32. Women are more likely than men to engage in dirty talk during sex.

33. 14% of men and 60% of women do not enjoy sex their first time having it.


34. Couples usually wait for at least six dates, and even as many as eight, before they begin to see their relationship as exclusive.

35. The most normal amount of time for a couple to break up is after three to five months of being together.

36. One out of three teens has had a violent experience in a relationship.

37. 31% of men have dumped a partner because she was overweight.

38. 12% of women have dumped a partner because he was overweight.

39. There are roughly 95.9 million unmarried people in the USA, with the majority of them being women.

40. 40% of dating relationships that come from the workplace turn into marriages.

41. Matchmakers charge a high price, and they expect to be paid a bonus if you end up marrying.

42. 71% of British people have had at least one affair with one of their co-workers.

43. 40% of women believe that a man should be educated, above and beyond even his looks.

44. An overwhelming majority of people put a lot of emphasis on the first kiss, perceiving it to have high impact on the future relationship.

45. 11% of men admit outright that they are looking for a partner for the rest of their lives.

46. The average person will go out on at least 100 dates before they finally marry.

47. 6% of the single female population admits to being desperate to find a mate.

48. Men are more than twice as likely to admit to saying those three little words first than women are.

49. 29% of women will devote more time and effort to shoe shopping than mate seeking.

50. 34% of women perceive a man putting a down payment on his home to be more committed than an engagement ring.

51. Couples are known to fight the most about money.

52. The second largest cause of divorce is when one partner is infertile.

53. The largest cause of getting divorced is one partner being unfaithful to their spouse.

54. 40% of single people in the USA have at least signed up at an online dating site.


Love, sex and relationships will always have an element of mystery to them. It’s why they’re fun, right? Now you know some random bits of trivia you can use to fill the space when you’re trying to impress your latest potential partner with your wit and worldliness.

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