Shocking Proposals That Ended in YES!

20. October 2011

Proposing marriage is a risky business. For starters, she might just say no, especially if you go overboard and forget to make this a private moment or try to get too fancy with it. For another thing, making your proposal too complicated can actually hurt your potential bride, such as if you try to put the ring into something she’s going to eat.

If she chokes, your chances of getting a yes diminish. Of course, sometimes even a crazy proposal ends in a yes. The following are some times when it’s better to be lucky than good.

Zero G, You and Me

A lot of people know that a special 727 has been converted into “The Vomit Comet,” so named because it repeatedly dives down between 35,000 and 24,000 feet to simulate the feeling of microgravity. While many people have heard of it and a few have been on it, one man decided this would be the perfect opportunity to propose to his girlfriend.

Floating freely for a few moments, he pulled out the ring and popped the question. They haven’t drifted apart since. No word on whether they were both able to keep down their lunches.

Tell the Whole Camp… or Get Them All to Help You

Some guys get other people involved in their proposals, and this can put on a lot of extra pressure. However, when one camp counselor decided to get his campers to help his proposal, his girlfriend didn’t know what to make of it.

Luckily for him, she thought the gesture was adorable and loved how he got the campers to work together for a common goal. Yes, they ended up taking the plunge.

Having Mario Help

Nerds are powerful people. One geeky fellow used a Super Mario Bros. hack to let his girlfriend know he wanted to do more than just play co-operatively with her. In a move that was almost subtle, he programmed a part of the game so that her name and his proposal appeared spelled out in the game’s life-giving coins. Obviously it made cents to her.

Stoically dedicated to his duty, Mario gave the couple a private moment while the newly-minted fiancée went through the standard engagement ritual of throwing a fit.

A Teammate for Life

Another nerdy guy decided that his girlfriend was good enough to have on his team permanently. So he modded out a Halo map to include a little area where he asked her to go during a two-on-two match to retrieve a weapon.

He’d actually set up a bunch of weapons spelling out his proposal, and asked if she’d be his teammate for life. When someone you love has your back, you always feel like a winner. Then they both got fragged, but they didn’t notice or even care.

Hurting Trees for Love

There’s nothing as romantic as carving one’s initials in a tree. One man brutalized some foliage out of love for his girl, and took her back to that very spot a year later to propose. While the setup was extremely simple, the fact that he planned it out to be so simple made it incredibly special. When asked for comment on whether it minded being cut in the name of love, even the tree was speechless.

All Over Creation, to the Top of the World

These days the number one sentence of smart phone owners is, “I’ve got an app for that.” When one particularly enterprising nerd decided that his girlfriend should become his wife, he created an iPhone app just to lead her on a scavenger hunt all over San Francisco—then to the top of a hill where he waited with a ring and no shortage of nervousness.

Hunka Hunka Burnin’ Love

When a man says things like, “You make me hot,” he’s usually drunk and destined to go home by himself. However, if he just lit himself on fire and leapt into a pool as a 4th of July stunt, he gets a free pass to say things like that.

When he then drops to one knee and proposes to his girlfriend, he can pretty much say anything he wants for a few minutes after that. A man actually did this, and his fiancée was too happy to make any jokes about him being a flamer.

All Questions Answered

When two people really love each other, anything can happen. A loving relationship is a community where only two people live, and where no one else could ever be truly welcome. So when you consider different ways to propose, remember that the world you and your future wife are building together is unique to you two. Just be sure you don’t do anything too dangerous or that you’re not insured against.



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